It’s quite evident that normally, whether it’s a weekend or a weeknight, food is always the most important decision you’ll make. While that’s completely true, sometimes the ambiance just sets the mood. Making a decision to go to a certain restaurant is one thing, but choosing something that has the best décor is another.

New York City is a hub for some of the most amazing places to eat for many reasons. Exciting menus, great staff and unique culture are all part of that. One of the things that often gets overlooked, is the décor and ambiance. Here are some of the coolest, quirkiest, intriguing restaurants in NYC.

Vynl, Hell’s Kitchen

With most of the culture at Vynl in Hell’s Kitchen surrounding music, you already know that the decor will follow in its uniqueness. Similar to it’s eclectic menu, expect to find off the wall elements highlighting the restaurants ode to music. For example, find the record adorned wall in colorful patterns, the mosaic tables shouting out Miley Cyrus and the wall mosaics honoring Queen Bee Beyonce herself and Michael Jackson.

Interior Seating 2 Beyonce Bathroom Michael Jackson bathroom

Hell’s Kitchen, Hell’s Kitchen

The colorful dimensions of the walls in Hell’s Kitchen restaurant dictate the environment and menu items. Sometimes that vibe is just what you need with your meal. The guacamole bar alone will have you feeling good with tri-color crispy tortillas and unique options like “avocado, pumpkin seed salsa, ricotta cheese and toasted pepitas.”

Restroom Decor Restroom Decor 1 Bar 2

Cloister Cafe, East Village

A full service hookah bar and a rockin’ menu to boot, Cloister Café in the village is the perfect relaxation location. The outdoor garden and patio are both equally as beautiful as the stained glass windows are inside. Grab a cocktail or a slice of cheesecake (or both) and have a seat.

Interior Interior 1 (4)

So when you’re in one of these neighborhoods, stop by these locations. Who can go wrong with murals of Beyonce, sugar skulls on the wall, beautiful stained glass, and stunning outdoor gardens.

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