We all know what happens when Thursday comes around. Everyone gets tired, wants a drink, and gets excited that the following day starts the weekend. There’s no shortage of locations in New York City to find a great meal and a great drink, but on Thirsty Thursday, spirits are on the mind.

There are a couple drinks we can think of that you just can’t pass up and we’re nice, so we’ll share them with you. Cocktails get more and more creative at each restaurant in the city, so here’s where to start.

The Nutty Monk, Cloister Cafe

Nutty Monk

Margarita, Esperanto

IMG_7525 (1)


Gin Fizz Bubble Tea, Shangri-La

Gin Fizz Bubble

Mojito, Guantanamera


So, cheers! Spirits are high here and we hope they are with you too.

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