Fall has recently been showing its true colors and winter is certainly on its way. As we sit in our apartments and snuggle up in blankets, there’s nothing like the true companion that is comfort food to make us feel a little bit better actually having to leave the apartment at some point (you know, for work or something).

There are way too may different tastes to appease when it comes to comfort food, so we have just scratched the surface, right here in this post. Whether you’re into bacon, tacos, Italian or vegetarian, you’ll find something here that will make you happy.

Pork Belly Tacos, BarBacon, Hell’s Kitchen


Chicken Teriyaki, Rabu House, Kips Bay


Vegerian Basil Mock Duck, Spice, Upper East Side

Vegetarian Basil Mock Duck

Follie di Melanzane, Paul’s On Times Square, Midtown


Queso, El Original, Hell’s Kitchen


So listen, we know you have obligations and have to retreat into the cold at some point. For the time being though, we’re going to encourage you to indulge in some of these comforts to get demotivated. Who says it has to be Monday just for you to be motivated?

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