Rather than just eating hard boiled or scrambled eggs this Easter, we figured we’d spice up your life a little. We know you’ll have a large amount of leftovers after the egg hunts are over and the dye fades, but you still want to be festive. That being said, we’ve concocted a list of our own to send you on an adventure.

Look at it as an Easter egg hunt of its own. Who doesn’t love a good Easter egg hunt? Even if you’re in your twenties, live on your own and cook your own meals everyday. That’s the beauty of this, do it on your own time. No screaming kids running around the backyard. Just you, your fork and maybe your buddies, out for a dish.

Here are a few options for what to try before, during and after Easter, because eggs are great anytime of the year.

Caviar with Quail Egg from Ushiwakamaru

Caviar with Quail egg

Eggs Benedict from Ponty Bistro


Zen Nose Deluxe Ramen from Hide Chan

Zen-Nose Deluxe Ramen

Hot Pepper & Egg Salad Sandwich from Duran Sandwiches

Hot Pepper & Egg Salad Sandwich (1)

The Muscles From Pizza, Pizza from B Side

The Muscles From Pizza

No matter where you find all the eggs, just know we’re here rooting you on. Have fun on the hunt and make sure you share your photos with us!

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