Picture this. It’s about 3:45pm, you’re sitting at your desk at work. You’re thinking about how you just had lunch about an hour and a half ago. You’re also thinking about how you’re already hungry and not sure what you’re going to have for dinner. Aka, we’re saying you’re probably hangry.

We’re here to help with the hanger management and we take it very seriously. Because we know you’re so caught up in the idea of eating, it can be hard to decide what you’re actually going to order. With the endless possibilities in NYC, it can be overwhelming. With Munch Ado though, you can taste it all from your apartment.

Here are a couple of suggestions for what to eat when you’re not sure what to eat.

Kings Kofte Wrap, Papa Kebab

Koft Lamb

Meat Packing Pizza, B-Side

B_Side_Meat Packing Pizza (1)

Fireball Roll, Arco Sushi

Fireball Roll (1)

Blue Elk Burger, Bareburger

Burgers 1

Fish Tacos, Reviver

Mahi Fish Tacos 2 (1)

So we know, sometimes it can be hard to select a great meal. Look no further than Munch Ado to get you started on the right path.

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