Everyone does Valentine’s Day differently but one thing’s for sure, there’s always going to be food involved. Are we right? Yes, yes we are. Whether it’s Galentine’s Day you’re entertaining, or super romantic time with your SO, everyone has to eat.

We’ve decided to curate a delicious list of scrumptious ideas for you to surprise whoever is important to you this Valentine’s Day because, why not? Get eating people; Valentine’s Day only comes once a year.

Heart Shaped Ravioli, Gina La Fornarina


Shrimp & Lobster Heart Shaped Pizza, Gina La Fornarina


Sweetheart Roll, Nomado 33

Sweetheart Roll

Bacon Loves Lobster Roll, BarBacon


Spicy Lo Mein, Spice Union Square

Spicy Lo Mein

So whether you’re in love, sharing your hear with your new sweetheart or getting spicy this Valentines Day, share with us the meals you choose!

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