We’re pretty sure there is no person on Earth who hasn’t tried, at least once, one of the many Mexican dishes that exist. It’s just impossible, especially with so many Mexican restaurants all over the globe. However, many people have limited knowledge when it comes to Mexican cuisine. They don’t know how unlimited Mexican food and flavors actually are until they try it a couple of times. Here’s a short list of five myths when it comes to Mexican food.

All Mexican Food is Spicy – Believe it or not, this is just a myth. It’s true that chili is common in Mexican cuisine, but not all Mexican dishes are spicy. For instance, this Chicken Mexicana Rolantini that you can find at Gina Mexicana restaurant is just perfect.


Gina Mexicana Rolatini

It’s all about tacos, burritos and quesadillas. – While it’s true that these dishes can be found on every Mexican restaurant menu (although some may argue that these dishes are pure Mexican), there is a range of other Mexican dishes available, such as aguachile, camote, ceviche, chorizo, fajitas, and even salads. (Can we give examples of other Mexican cuisine here as well?)


Chicken Salad Ala Oaxacaquena

Meatless food is not an option. – Even though Mexican food is based mostly on meat, there are dishes specifically designed for vegetarians too. Such as this “Vegetariano Taco”

Vegetariano Taco (1)

Vegetariano Taco

All Mexican food is high in fat and smothered in cheese. –Just like in the case of many other cuisines across the world, there are dishes that are high in fat and dishes that are healthier. For instance, this one pictured below, Grilled Shrimps, is quite light in calories, ranging between only 100 and 200 calories, not to mention that cheese is not included in the ingredients list for this dish. Also, you can always ask the cook to have cheese removed from the dish you ordered.

El Original TXMX

Tex Mex Skewered Shrimp

Mexican cuisine has no dessert. – This was kind of true in the past, because desserts weren’t too popular in Mexican cuisine until the Spanish introduced them to Mexico. Today, you can find a variety of sweets such as jericalla, chongos zamoranos, churro and so on.

There’s no accounting for taste, this is for sure, and everyone has their own favorite Mexican dishes. What’s yours?

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