Whether you’re working late, have no time to make your own dinner, are continuing a tradition or making a new one, there are a plethora of restaurant options in New York City for Christmas Eve. Let’s face it, why stay home when you can try something new?

We’ve created a guide for you to follow no matter where you are on the island.  Are we forgetting your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Il Buco: Mediterranean cuisine using the best locally sourced am imported artisanal ingredients served in a warm and welcoming environment.

Il Buco

Red Rooster Harlem: Red rooster is thrilled to join the vibrant Harlem community. Their menu reflects on the roots of American cuisine while celebrating local farmers and artisanal food makers. The rooster, chef Marcus Samuelsson’s first Harlem eatery, features a take-out market, welcoming bar and restaurant. The restaurant was named for the legendary Harlem speakeasy located on 138th and 7th avenue where neighborhood folk, jazz greats, authors, politicians and some of the most noteworthy figures of the 20th century would come together to enjoy drinks and live music. They want to embrace that same spirit at our red rooster today.

Red Rooster Harlem

Dirty French: Dirty French is a New York bistro created by Major Food Group’s Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick.  The restaurant takes its culinary cues from the timeless dishes and preparations of the classic French bistro and enlivens them utilizing modern techniques and bold flavors. Dishes like Duck a l’Orange with ras el hanout and preserved oranges and Trout Amandine with sesame and apricots remain true to their French roots but are restyled with flavors that explore the breadth and depth of the global French culinary influence.  Dirty French is located in the Ludlow Hotel in Manhattan’s storied Lower East Side.

Copy of Untitled Design

Tavern on the Green: Centered around a hearty, rustic menu shaped by local, seasonal ingredients, Tavern on the Green invites patrons into a warm, celebratory gathering space that captures the spirit of Central Park and the energy of New York City.

Copy of Untitled Design (1)

The John Dory Oyster Bar: In the Munch Ado community, The John Dory Oyster Bar is known for being an unknown.  Its signature clandestine style has made it a favorite among Munchers.  All we know for sure is The John Dory Oyster Bar accepts currency in exchange for food and services and they have at least for walls made out of some kind of material.  It’s also very likely they have both a ceiling and a floor.  If you know anything about this elusive and possibly eclectic restaurant, please do let us know on Twitter.

Del Frisco’s: Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House is the nation’s premiere steak house.  The restaurant serves flawless chef-driven cuisine that’s bold and delicious, an extensive award-winning wine list and a level of service that reminds guests that they’re boss. Offering prime steak, fresh-off-the-boat seafood and genuine hospitality, Del Frisco’s is an exceptionally charming steak house, unparalleled in any city.

Tito Pepe: New Yorkers love this spot that’s been around since 1970. The spirits of Spain and Mexico provide an experience unlike any other while you get to chose your atmosphere: skylight dining or sidewalk cafe.  Assorted drinks and dining choices are sure to invoke a festive feel whether you’re a part of 2 or way more.

The ultimate guide to dining in NYC can always be found on Munch Ado. Follow us on Twitter, FacebookInstagram and Snapchat (@munchado) for the latest of what’s going on in the food world. If you try any of these restaurants, be sure to tag us while you’re there and check in on Munch Ado.  Who knows, it might just pay off somehow.

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