The food industry has seen a growth of almost 20% in the last years and by 2014 revenues will reach almost 990 billion dollars. Cafes and restaurants are taking advantage of everything they can to get promoted and are starting to understand that for a successful business you need to learn how to address different types of customers.

In the US, food industry will grow almost 4% by 2014 and this is all because of the young consumer and the expanding middle class. Fast-food restaurants are on top of the list and are offering the meals these customers most want (i.e. burgers, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and other snacks).

Restaurant owners are seeing changes

This doesn’t mean that fast-food restaurants haven’t seen a change in what customers want. What is more, owners are starting to change their approach, by making healthy changes. The consumer wants: fast, cheap, healthy food and when it comes to international cuisine, the Asian market is on top of the popular list.

Working men and women don’t have time to cook, not even those with families. And for young people, eating out is cheaper than making something at home. Why? Because a lot of restaurants have promotions for breakfast, brunch, late lunch, dinner and they target young people, workers and families differently.

How to attract attention to your restaurant

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If you are a relatively young brand, you must attract every customer before you start targeting different segments. How can you do this easily?

With the help of social media advertising, a professional website, ads in glossy magazines or newspapers and last, but not least, by developing partnerships with bus companies, hotels or even travel agencies. Another thing you might want to do is throw a big launch party.

How to attract the attention of the young customer

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Each day, owners are starting to learn more and more about the importance of young customers, known as the Y Generation or the Millennial Generation. They are becoming one of the most important segments for various reasons.

For them, eating out is fashionable, entertaining and, in some cases, cheaper. When we say young generation we are referring to a big segment, from teenagers, to college students and to those who have just finished college and have their first job.

If you want to target this segment, talk to a few young persons. Use social media and mobile applications, but also take advantage of a professional website and send newsletters. Try to target them with special discounts, especially if they are still students, and don’t sell them cheap food but „quality gourmet meals at an affordable price”.

Find a few hip persons they admire – artists, bloggers – and invite them as many times as possible to your restaurant. Take pictures and ask them to share their experience on social media. Young people are attracted to parties, concerts and other events, so organize them at your place. Also, choose your background music wisely.

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The young generation loves to be seen going out and this is why when they do, they will post something on their social media pages. If you want to attract their attention, you have to know they appreciate promotions, free things (offer them something at the end of the meal to transform them into regular customers) and they also enjoy new things, so invent recipes when you can.

Everybody loves new, special, things when it comes from a place where they spend a lot of time. Keep your customers close by reinventing yourself from time to time. How can you do this? Develop new cocktails or recipes, bring in fancy wines, organize events and these are just a few ideas.

When it comes to decorations make it comfortable. Young people love couches, TVs with music videos on and magazines to read while they wait for their meal. Don’t forget about free wi-fi and don’t create a complicated menu for them.

How to attract the attention of business people

First of all, business people love online recommendations and special offers for teams. They want cheap, good and healthy food. What is more, they want to have it fast if they come to your restaurant or if they order it in, so have a professional website or get your business on a website like Munch Ado.

Business people might take a lunch break, so make it comfortable for them to bring their work: free wi-fi, plugs for laptop’s chargers and anything you might think they will need. They like a quiet environment so be careful with your background music and they want a respectful waiter.

How to attract the attention of families

address-different-types-of-customers (1)pennuja / Foter / CC BY

 When it comes to families, a generous segment, you need to entertaining the young children and also make their family happy. How can you do this?

  • What do children want?
  1. Colorful decorations.
  2. Distractions: game corners, special events, fun menus, paper and crayons to draw with while they wait for food.
  3. Free space to run.
  • What do parents want?
  1. Airy environment.
  2. No loud music.
  3. A ramp at the entrance and space for strollers.
  4. Taller chairs for babies.
  5. Things that don’t break easily.
  6. Healthy food, special menus for children because they take only a few bites.
  7. A special place to change kids in the bathrooms.


Source: reportlinker Photo credit: pixabay

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