As the winter months begin to really make their presence known, we start to realize how much we really need comfort food. To compliment, why not throw a beer in there?

That’s right. Sometimes the spirits make all of the difference. You’ve had the wine, you’ve had the cocktails, but sometimes it’s just nice to throw a brew in the mix. Not just any brew though.

We’re going to take you a journey through five different beers and flights that you’re sure to love. Whether it’s out with the squad or dinner with the family, let us never leave you without options for fun, delicious, interesting places to try beer.

Beer 1

Oscar’s Place, West Village

With everything from omelettes to beer, there’s no way you can really go wrong here. There’s a nice selection of croques and waffles, but you can also get a sandwich or salad if that’s what you’re in the mood for. Oh, did we mention there’s a traditional English breakfast? Well, there is.

Beer Tower (2)

Turntable Chicken, Koreatown

Did you know that they fry the chicken twice at Turntable Chicken? That’s what makes it extra crispy and crunchy. How could you go wrong with that? Also, the decor is fantastic and makes you feel like you’re in a musical paradise. Why not through a beer tower right into that mix?


La Cerveceria, East Village

Take a taste of Peru at this eatery in the East Village. Step into a magical land of endless tapas and a plethora of spirits in all of its variety. Tequila and mezcal options are plentiful, but we think you’ll love this flight matched with some ceviche or other tapas.

Beers From Spain (1)

Meson Sevilla, Hell’s Kitchen

If you’re in the mood for Spanish cuisine, you should stop by at Meson Sevilla. Nestled into Hell’s Kitchen, and full of both delicious savory and sweet options, the menu is sure to impress with unique flavors and beautiful presentation. Not to mention the Spanish beers that are unique in their own right.


BarBacon, Hell’s Kitchen

This one’s for you bacon lovers! Aside from every other delicious dish that has bacon in it, the drinks have it too. You want a Bloody Mary? Have it with bacon. You want a beer flight? Pair it with bacon. Any questions?

Get out there beer drinkers! Explore all that Manhattan has to offer when it comes to brews. Whether you’re out with the boys/girls or trying to find something to eat with the family, there are plenty of options all around the island.

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