Whether you’ve had a week for the books or you’re having a horrible one, the bar is always a great place to kick back with friends. Drink a coke or a beer, either way the bar is great, no matter which neighborhood you’re in.

We’ve picked a couple of places to feature this week so that there’s no shortage of options come tomorrow or Friday. The last thing you want to do is not know where to get drinks. So grab the squad, the officemates or even your family, and bring them to one of these hotspots for a some drinks and appetizers. 

Basera, Hell’s Kitchen


Vella Wine Bar, Upper East Side


Amoun Mediterranean, Upper East Side


Iron Bar, Hell’s Kitchen


Big Belly Roti, Morningstar Heights


Turntable Chicken Jazz, Koreatown


We’ll be waiting for you with a stool! Pop on by and visit so we can cheers together.

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