The Big Game is this Sunday and it’s hard to believe that you may not have plans yet. It’s okay, we’ve intercepted your boredom with some options of where to celebrate. Whether you’re in the mood for just a few drinks, a lighter meal or an all around pig out, here are a couple of spots for you to hit for the game. Or of course, if you’re just into the commercials and halftime show.

Mustang Harry’s


Mustang Harry’s is clearly the bar to go to if you’re into the Denver Broncos. They’re offering all kinds of drink specials, and plenty of awesome food options.

Dylan Murphy’s


Who doesn’t love a classic plate of wings for any sporting event? Especially during the biggest football game of the year, there’s no use in trying to “be good” unless you’re the one playing in the game.

Suite 36


Is the burger the best in your opinion? Stop on over to Suite 36 and enjoy the merriment.

Ditch Plains


Three cheers for tacos at Ditch Plains waiting for you in the end zone. Great sports food and great flavor.

If it’s third down and you’re freaking out over your next play of where to eat, consider one of the above choices. They’re sure to leave you feeling celebratory and full no matter which team you’re on. We’re sure these spots wont mind a little “end zone dance” if your team scores (or you like a certain commercial).

To search out a different restaurant for reservation (we get it, not all tastes are the same) check out the reservation page. Share your food wins with us: Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat.

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