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  • Cater to Health Conscious Customers

    One of the most important trends in the food industry is to cater to health conscious customers. Which means providing healthy food and catering to vegetarians, vegans, raw-vegans, people with allergies or other health issues. A lot of restaurants have already implemented a few important details in their menu. They describe which special meals are […]

    Elena Mihaila No responses November 26, 2015
  • Address Different Types of Customers

    The food industry has seen a growth of almost 20% in the last years and by 2014 revenues will reach almost 990 billion dollars. Cafes and restaurants are taking advantage of everything they can to get promoted and are starting to understand that for a successful business you need to learn how to address different […]

    Elena Mihaila No responses November 25, 2015
  • Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

    Online advertising seems to come around every time we talk about marketing strategies. And you are doing everything you can when you take into account all the tools, especially social media ads. This means, if you want to promote something, you should start advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram are two social media […]

    Elena Mihaila No responses November 25, 2015
  • The Influence of Online Marketing

    Social media is all about “sharing is caring”. This applies to sharing anything a brand posted and also to positive or negative feedback. Feedback is always important, because it means you are getting somewhere. People have heard of you and they are reacting to what you offer. So let’s discover the influence of online marketing. […]

    Elena Mihaila No responses October 21, 2014