It’s easy to get caught up in reservations and logistics on Valentine’s Day whether you’re celebrating “Galentine’s Day” Style or with the SO. Or you know, alone, because sometimes it’s a committed relationship with food. No matter how you plan to celebrate your day, the eats remain the most important element.

While dinner gets most of the attention, we think it’s a great idea to celebrate Valentine’s All-Day. Why not spread the love through out the day, during all of your meals? It’s not too late to make your reservations for a day full of delicious dining and here are some suggestions.

Breakfast: Sarabeth’s


Whether it’s a morning fruit bowl you’re after, or Four Flowers Juice and Lemon Ricotta pancakes, Sarabeth’s is a great place to munch brunch. Toasted coconut waffles? They’ve got it, with mango and vanilla rum butter that is. Eggs and omelettes a plenty if you’re not in the mood for something sweet.

Lunch: Hudson Station

Taco Bowl Salad

Planning on indulging for dinner and not in the mood to splurge for lunch? Next stop: Hudson Station. Grab a taco salad and get the best of both worlds, throw a beer in there while you’re at it.

Dinner: Terra

Pulpo 1

Turn some tables on the regular old Italian and try Terra. Whether or not you’re into Pulpo, let us set the scene for you. Wine adorns the walls with options galore (#WineWalls). We’re sure you’ll find something for both you and your date there: food and wine wise.

So regardless of what your plans are for the day, it’s never too late to reserve a table at one of Manhattans great eateries, these just to name a few. Also, if we’ve taught you anything, please remember: it’s okay to celebrate #ValentinesAllDay.

To search out a different restaurant for reservation (we get it, not all tastes are the same) check out the reservation page.  Want to take it a step further and pre-pay for your meal? We see you overachiever, learn how to do that too.

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