It kind of goes without saying that with warmer weather comes more seafood dishes. We have said this before and we’ll say it again. One of the most popular ways to enjoy seafood is by way of ceviche. Have you ever had it before? Where is your favorite in New York City?

Originally from Peru, it has become increasingly popular all around the world and there are a ton of reasons why. First, if you didn’t know, the acid in lime “cooks” the seafood when you squeeze it on top. Aside from the fantastic array of fish, there’s often spices and vegetables like peppers, onions, cilantro included in the dish.

Here are three different restaurants in Manhattan to try the dish. Who knows? You may end up appreciating it as a new favorite.

 Ceviche Mancora, MancoraCeviche Mancora

Ceviche Mixto, INTI PeruvianCeviche Mixto

Ceviches de la Casa, EsperantoCeviches de la Casa (1)

So now you understand why we’re saying cevich-yay! You really should try it.

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