New York City is full of talented chefs and restaurant owners, most of them with stories to tell. Every time we add someone new to the menu drawer that is Munch Ado, we talk to him or her a little bit. We like to get to know them, tell New York City about them, and share their success. If you’re not familiar with this section on each restaurants page on Munch Ado, check it out!

Summer is about to kick into full swing and we wanted to share a few of these awesome chefs and owners with you in hopes that while learning about them, you’ll find a new favorite. 

Tanya Hira, Aria Tanya

Ross Franklin, Pure Green Ross

Jimmy Lin, Oishi BayJimmy (2)

Give the stories of these chefs and owners a read, or a visit! Stop by any of their Manhattan locations and try something on their menu. What are you waiting for?

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