As August comes to a close (woah), there are things that we just cannot forget to celebrate. One of these things is most definitely the fact that it was National Panini Month. We bring this up now why?

Just because the month is coming to a close, doesn’t mean that we cannot rejoice in all that is holy when it comes to warm bread deliciously flattened with mouthwatering ingredients in between it.

Because we are just about obsessed with Panini’s as you are, we wanted to share a couple of them we think you just shouldn’t miss. Let’s get started.

Grilled Chicken Panini, Fresh Central Gourmet Deli

Grilled Chicken Panini

Meatpacking Panini, Pizza Italia

Meat Packing Panini

South Beach Panini, Point Break

South Beach Panini

Vegetarian Panini, The Country Cafe

Vegetarian Panini

American Panini, Fresh Central Gourmet Deli

American Panini

Italiano Panini, Patrizia’s of Manhattan

Italiano Panini

So stop the presses everyone, it’s all about the panini. Although it doesn’t have to National Panini Month, we wanted to make sure you knew that there are plenty out there to try.

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