It means a lot to dine in style. While most times you’re there for the food, what you look at (other than you friends or family) while you’re eating is also important. They say certain colors make you hungrier than others, we say all colors make us hungry.

Restaurants in New York City are certainly not boring. The uniqueness and quality almost always come together in unison to make for the best possible experience for any New Yorker or tourist visiting the city. Let’s be honest, most times when you’re describing a spot you’ve visited or restaurant that you’ve been to, you do one of two things. You either describes a dish, or what it looks like.

This is all part of the reason why we’ve decided to show you yet another round of restaurants with some great décor. Check them out and let us know if you’ve ever been, or which restaurants you’d like to see featured next.

Hide Chan Ramen, Midtown East

Decor 2 (2)

Lionsbeerstore, East VillageDecor (4)

Ootoya, ChelseaDecor (3)

Mancora, East VillageDecor 2 (1)

So what do you prefer? Subdued decor or something different? No matter what you crave, take decor into consideration for your next Munch location. It’s worth it to have something beautiful to look at other than your food.

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