For some, online marketing can be mesmerizing and at the same time scary and disappointing. Some have it easy, they do something at the right time and it goes viral immediately, but these are just the lucky few untouched by Murphy Laws.

To distinguish yourself from online competition can be very hard in this day and age. If you don’t associate yourself with other brands, like Munch Ado, and form a collaboration, it might even take you years. This shouldn’t disconcert you, but it should motivate you to not take “no” for an answer.

Everybody has to take up new challenges, and you cannot conduct a successful business without creating a name for yourself online. If you know what you have to do (and we will help you along the way), a new beginning can be a wonderful experience, especially when the internet gives you instant gratification.

With the help of a website and social media, you get your name out there faster. People see what you have to offer and you get feedback in no time, good or bad. This way you know what you can change in order to be successful or what to keep on doing.

What are the others doing?

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When it comes to the internet, try to be unique or study and adapt to your own brand what the best businesses are practicing. Research what they do on social media platforms, especially on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and don’t forget about Instagram.

A success story comes from the mastermind behind (no food related, just a great example), Natalie Massenet. She was the first to use Instagram and launch a “book”. The founder of took advantage of Instagram to tell her life story which soon went viral. This way she used the platform to offer everybody her digital autobiography with the help of great photos and inspiring quotes.

Doing online research you might think you found some keys of success, but don’t be deceived. Successful brands have a unique success story and that’s why you are hearing of it. If everybody would have done it, it wouldn’t be successful.

Before you make your own marketing plan you have to try everything in order to see what works for you. For example, on social media you have to post a lot, it’s all a gamble.

Online market: Baby steps to success

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Make your customer’s happiness your priority and revenue will follow. A lot of restaurants have forgotten that it’s all about people, the customers. Show them you are interested in their happiness, not in their wallets.

One rule to being the best owner you can be is that as your business is growing, you have to grow with it. Leave your fears behind, plan, act and adapt as you go, do it for the online experience.

The internet is fun and you can make your own rules when it comes to what to promote, when and where and without any cost if you take advantage of social media. Of course you can create special ads which need funds, but posting pictures of your dishes or writing about promotions is free.

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  1. Make app for mobile phones.
  2. Start blogging.
  3. Create a website.
  4. Create a product/a meal for a niche. Get known because of that product. This way people will hear about you and if they are interested they will want to know everything you offer.
  5. Associate yourself with an online platform which will do all these things for you, like Munch Ado.


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