Let us put it this way, Wine Wednesday’s got nothing on us. We love it, but we can’t forget beer, right? This week, we wanted to show beer some love and share with you a couple of places to try different types of beer. From root beer floats to brand new brews, sky’s the limit to what you can get your hands on in Manhattan.

Let’s get started. Who knows? You may be able to create a brand new bar crawl for yourself.

Turntable Chicken, Koreatown, Beer Tower

Beer Tower

Lionsbeerstore, East Village


Oscar’s Place, West Village, Boddington’sBeer

El Original, Hell’s Kitchen, The TapTap

Sacred Chow, Greenwich Village, Root Beer FloatRoot Beer Float 1 (1)

So get out there and start searching. We’ve given you some places to start and create your own bar crawl, what more could you ask for?

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