If there’s anyone that loves food, it’s everyone here in the office at Munch Ado. What’s great about this is, we all understand how much you love it too. That’s why we’ve decided to run a sweepstakes that gives you the chance to win $500 worth of food. That’s right, you’ve heard it here: $500 worth of food.

Because Munch Ado is to help you make food social again, we are designing the sweepstakes to do just that. The multifunctional platform can show you how to discover a new favorite, make a reservation and share everything with your friends. When it comes down to it, sometimes free food can be the best food and we want to share it all with you.

So let’s not waste anymore time and get right to it, here’s how the sweepstakes works.

In all of our participating restaurants, you’ll see Munch Ado swag. This swag exists in all different forms like:







Table Tents


Take a photo of the swag you see, check in at the restaurant in which you see it, and share the photo! Be sure to share it on social media as well so you can get your friends involved. Oh and don’t forget to include the #MunchOn so the movement spreads.

The prize is obviously the best part: $500 worth of food for use on MunchAdo.com. If you participant, of course we’re going to reward you. You’ll get 50 Munch Ado loyalty points to be used for future perks, cash back and more! Check out the full rules.

So start searching! Here’s who’s participating and make sure you share your photos on social media. Here’s where to find us: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

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