How could you go wrong dining at a self-proclaimed “healthy eating” restaurant inspired by Eros, or “The Love Angel” right here in New York City? Eros, the Greek Mediterranean spot on Third Avenue has a plethora of seafood options and notes of Greek culture that will have you feeling like you’re on vacation.

The most famous dish? The Lavraki, a bronzini lean white fish with mild moist tender flakes, is a whole fish grilled to perfection. Following close behind is the Octapodi Sharas, or a grilled octopus with onions, capers, fava puree, lemon and herbs. Not in the mood for seafood? Try Arni Youvetsi, the baby lamb shank oven baked with fresh tomato sauce and feta cheese.


Aside from priding themselves on authentic Greek cuisine, the history in the kitchen really tells the story that is Eros, and we’re not just talking about the food. Two Greek Women, the same Greek Women, are the same chefs since the restaurant has opened.


When you walk into Eros, you’ll notice that most décor is reminiscent of ancient Greece. The look is complete with flowy white fabrics, emanating a Greek Goddess, stunning patterns everywhere, and plated round lights all over the ceiling. Near the bar is the private room; a small, cozy space that feels like you’re sitting in Greece. Looking right over your shoulder is a beautiful hanging plate of a Greek God.

Stop by Eros from 4pm-7pm for Happy Hour or for Ladies Night every Thursday starting at 6:30pm (free drink for ladies).

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