When you’re having a rough day, when you’re having a great day. In ice cream, in bar form. By way of cupcake, in a cookie. No matter how you slice it and dice it (or scoop it/bite it), chocolate is pretty much awesome however it gets consumed.

New York is home to some of the best desserts (chocolate or non), and some of the best dishes that have chocolate as an ingredient in general. To celebrate World Chocolate Day in this city is easy can be and we’re going to prove that to you.

We’ve rounded up five chocolate cakes for you to try to celebrate the holiday. Who says that it only has to last one day?

Chocolate Cake, Morning Star Restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen

Chocolate Cake (2)

Dark Chocolate Torte, Rustico, East Village

Dark Chocolate Torte

Route 66 Cafe, Chocolate Fondant, Hell’s Kitchen

Dark Chocolate Fondant (1) (1)

Molten Chocolate Cake, Match 65 Brassiere, Upper East Side

Molten Chocolate Cake (2)

Chocolate Cake, HARBS, Upper East Side

Chocolate Cake (3)

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