Being that New York is expected to see temperatures in the 50/60’s these next couple of days, it just adds to the awesomeness factor of the three-day weekend. That’s right, it’s Presidents Day once again and we could not be more excited to share with you some of our favorite red, white and blue foods on the island.

So wave your American Flags and take out your forks and knives. We’re issuing an Executive Order that these dishes get consumed at some point this weekend. Why wait? Here’s where to start:

Strawberry Tarte, Match 65Strawberry Tarte

Cured Meats, Crispin’sCured Meats

Southern Soup, SpiceSouthern Soup

Spa Style Branzino, Match 65Spa Style Branzino & Steam Asparagus

Martino di Fico, Azalea RistoranteMartino_di_Fico_02

Tres Leches, GuantanameraTres Leches

Blue Ocean Roll, Nomado 33Blue Ocean Roll

Blueberry Pancakes, KitchenetteBlueberry Pancakes 1

Cocktails, Gina La FornarinaCocktail 1

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