Daaaaamn calendar, back at it again with the Friday, and we are happy about it. What better way to celebrate than with flan? After all, it is Flan Friday. If you ask a New Yorker where their favorite flan is in the city, you’re sure to get an assortment of answers. We say, no matter where you get the caramel confection, you’re almost always going to be satisfied.

We’ve seen a flan or two in our day and we’re happy to share a couple we think that you should most definitely try. So nestle your spoon into a decadent plate of caramel and custard whether it’s 30 degrees and snowing or a beautiful spring-like day of 55 degrees (or somewhere in between).

Flan De Leche, Guantanamera


Flan, Chelsea Deli and Bakery

Flan (4)

Flan, Anejo

Flan (3)

Flan, Rustico

Flan (2)

The flan awaits! Let us know what you end up trying, you know, let’s be flan friends.

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