“How you doin’?”  We all know this famous catch phrase. We all know Joey Tribbiani. We all know that food has a very important place in Joey’s heart. Let’s say he had access to Munch Ado. We can safely assume that he’ll be on our website all the time. What would Joey order? Hmm…

The one with the grill – Joey comes home from an audition. A failed audition, but fortunately Chandler has a surprise for him. A brand new charcoal grill. Oh man, that made Joey forget about his miserable day. All he was thinking was: BBQ, pork, beef, chicken, BBQ SAUCE! They went out, fired it up and….it started to rain. Joey was almost crying from disappointment. But Chandler saved the day yet again. ‘’Hey Joe, let’s order from Munch Ado’’. What did they go for this time around? Pork BBQ from Gammeeok. Open 24 hours, it’s the perfect choice.

Pork BBQ

The one with the break-up – Joey usually never calls back, but this time, the tables have turned. A beautiful girl Joey has been seeing for a little over a week has suddenly disappeared from his life. She doesn’t answer her phone, she does not call back. It seems like she doesn’t want to see Joey anymore. Of course, his ego was hurt but he really liked the girl. After a couple of days, Monica goes to Joey’s to make sure he is ok. But to her surprise, he’s in a way better mood. ‘’Joey, you’re ok! Did she call back?’’, Joey responded ‘She? She who? Oh, that girl, I already forgot. I went on Munch Ado and immediately this gelato from Gina Americana, it soothed my worries. Monica said ‘Typical Joey. Can I have some?’’.’’ Joey doesn’t share food!’’





The one with the burgers – It’s 4th of July and Monica is on fire. She’s in the kitchen with everybody around her helping, like Santa and his little magic elves. Everything is going according to plan. The potato salad is on its way, the peach cobbler looks good, and the deviled eggs already look great. Suddenly they hear fireworks. ‘’But it’s too early’’ says Rachel. ‘’I want to see’’ responds Joey happy as can be. They all go to the balcony and out of nowhere Ross shouts ‘’Watch out!’’. Three fireworks find their way onto the balcony, and what came after was a mess. The fire department was called. No one was hurt but the food and balcony was not looking good. Joey says ‘’We shouldn’t let this ruin our 4th of July. What’s more American than a burger? I know the perfect place, Gossip.’

Gossip Burger

Find all of these amazing dishes and restaurants, and more, on Munch Ado! Be like Joey and order whatever you want, whenever you want. We’ll say it, you totally CAN share food.

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