Inspired by the first setters of Brooklyn, Fulton Landing Seafood Company aims to provide the community around them with the freshest quality seafood possible, in the friendliest, freshest way. It’s exactly this tradition, but with a subtle twist.

Nestled into DeKalb Market Hall, who’s goal is the reflection of “cultural and ethnic diversity of Brooklyn,” Fulton Landing Seafood Company is right at home. It’s here you’ll find menu items like a grilled octopus roll, fried lobster and oysters on the half shell.

Photo: kevinguinto on Instagram.

Looking for the perfect opportunity to enjoy a thirst quenching cold brew while conquering the freshest seafood of DeKalb Market Hall? You’ll certainly find it at Fulton Landing Seafood. It’s the hustle bustle of the Hall where you’ll experience “trendy, next generation Brooklyn dishes” and Fulton Landing is paving the way for seafood.

The best part about it? The sustainability and friendship it’s all built on. Stop by and meet Rob and Jason, longtime friends running the shop with passion and serving up innovative takes on seafood, buttressed with the classics. It’s here where you can also learn about the history behind it all.

Photo: crystal_e_rivera on Instagram.
Photo: crystal_e_rivera on Instagram.
Photo: fultonseafoodco on Instagram.

Did you know that “Fulton Ferry Landing is considered the origin of Brooklyn? It’s located at the foot of Old Fulton St at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge.” Stop by and learn more about the history, the taste and the experience in DeKalb Market Hall by way of Fulton Landing Seafood Company.

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