This one’s for all all the Game of Thrones fans out there… and the future fans. Let’s be honest, sooner or later, everyone will fall for the wonderful thing that is George R.R. Martin’s imaginations. Tell us, how many of you had their heart skip a beat when you first heard: Dracarys! We know we did. That same excitement? Yeah, that’s exactly what these dishes represent. Explosions of flavor that the chef gets to combine, as soon as the order comes in.


Spicy Salmon – If you love spicy food, this is the dish for you. No more boring, steamed, grilled or any other “lame” type of salmon. This one delivers a punch. And oh man, you’ll feel it, but in a good way. Like a warm hug, but…from the inside. Dracarys!

No 7A - Spicy Salmon-13-maui onion
Spicy Salmon | Maui Onion

Spicy Lo Mein – Let us present you with something that even the Knight King would fear. One taste from this awesome dish and the White Walkers would be in a whole world of trouble. A dragon’s fire wouldn’t even compare, but that won’t stop you from enjoying an amazing blend of flavors.

Spicy Lo Mein-spice thai
Spicy Lo Mein | Spice Thai

Spicy Pecorino Ravioli – They say The Wall is unbreakable? Well, we have the secret weapon. Something so spicy and equally delicious that not even the biggest block of ice can withstand its heat. If pasta is your pleasure but you also like it to have a little kick to it, Azalea Restaurant is the place to be.

Homemade spicy pecorino ravioli 02-azalea
Spicy Pecorino Ravioli | Azalea Ristorante

Listen, if you’re not a Game of Thrones fan already, we hope this post may have made you one. All we’re trying to do is inspire, by way of food. What better way?

What dishes do you enjoy when you’re watching Game of Thrones? Or your favorite show? Share with us in the comments below or on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest.

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