June is the best time to indulge in some new favorites, but then again, when isn’t? Summer starts, the weather gets warmer, people start having more meals outside, there’s really nothing bad about June.

This time of year specifically makes us happy because it’s Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month. Some of your favorite Munch Ado restaurants have some amazing options for delicious dishes that will have you thinking differently about meals you may normally overlook.

Here are some must try options for dishes featuring fresh fruits and vegetables at your favorite Munch Ado restaurants. These are worth celebrating all month long. Have we forgotten one that you love? Let us know!

Rice, Beans, Sauteed Vegetables, Rice N Beans

Rice, Beans, & Sauteed Vegetables

Smoothies, Acai Bowls, Juices, Pure Green

Daily Juices (1)

Fruit Tart, Chelsea Deli & Bakery

Fruit Tart

Frutta Fresca, Bello

Frutta Fresca

Hummus with Vegetables, Papa Kebab

Hummus with Vegetables

Farro Salad, Shaved Spring Vegetables, Wine Disciples

Farro Salad, Shaved Spring Vegetables

Feel free to share your fresh fruit and vegetable finds with us on social media. We’ll be waiting!

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