HOLD THE TELEFONO, we were literally just told that it’s National Crunchy Taco Day.

Today is the day, all of those many moons ago, that these majestic, deep-fried deliciousnesses filled with shredded, beefy yum, were born. And like all tacos, it was sent from heaven.

We get it, you may not want to take part in this festivitous occasion. You may even be feeling a little:

Taco Cat Gif
Right Meow


We get it. It’s cool.

Tacos Con Carne


But are you SURE you can pass up THIS RIGHT HERE?

Spring Tacos


Cause ya know, just in case you wanted to

Shrimp Tacos


We could hook you up

Stuffed Tacos


Like instantly.

Instant Taco Gif
Literally how Munch Ado works

Head over to MunchAdo.com to find the crunchiest taco places by you to take part in today’s fiesta.


You’ll thank us later

American Psycho Harry Potter Taco Gif
Aye aye aye
Elena Mihaila
About the author :

Elena is an avid reader and animal lover whose passion for reading and writing are only surpassed by her unnatural craving for food and knowledge. It's this drive and determination that makes her such a perfect fit as the Editor-in-chief (or better yet, "chef") of the Munch Ado Magazine.
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