With New York being a multicultural city, there is a lot of diversity when it comes to food. You don’t need to travel to have a taste of the world’s greatest foods, so we made a list of places where you can try traditional dishes from all over the world, enjoy!


American | Why Not Start American? Cheeseburger, Barbacon

What is one of the most classic American meals you can think of? Cheeseburgers, with bacon nonetheless. One of the most iconic foods in the world and it comes in many variations but the main ingredients are beef, tomatoes, onions cheese and buns.

Chicken Fajitas (1)

Mexican | Fajitas, El Original

Fajitas are one of the most known Mexican dishes and it normally consists of: red pepper, onion, chicken, paprika and tortilla.

Valenciana Paella

Spanish | Paella, Meson Sevilla

Paella is a quintessential Spanish dish and it normally consists of saffron rice, clams, shrimps and calamari chicken.


Italian | Pasta, Il Melograno

We know that Pizza is also from Italy but Pasta dates all the way back to 13th century! Pasta itself is made from unleavened dough mixed with water and eggs, and it is believed that there are around 350 different pasta shapes!


Greek | Greek Salad, Sacred Chow

This Greek Salad is one of the most known Greek traditional dishes and is made of romaine lettuce or baby greens, tomatoes, feta cheese,red onions, olives, and poblano peppers or bell peppers. The combination of vegetables make the Greek Salad a healthy and refreshing dish.

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