Most people fall in love with Thai food after they have their first bite. Considering that Thai cuisine is absolutely delicious and full of flavors, it’s quite understandable why people return to Thai restaurants whenever they have the chance. However, there’s the other side of the coin that depicts a range of misconceptions related to Thai food. Here’s a list of five facts on Thai cuisine. Let’s see together which ones of them are true and which ones are false.

Fact no. 1: All Thai Food Is Spicy

False! Even though chilies are added to most Thai dishes, not all of them are spicy.

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Thai Food | Spice Cobble Hill

Fact no. 2: Thai food is eaten with chopsticks only.

False… to some point! Thai food is usually eaten with a fork and a spoon, but if you go to a Chinese restaurant in Thailand or to a noodle restaurant, you’ll be given chopsticks.


Northern Thai Noodles | Spice Upper East Side

Fact no. 3: Nothing is baked.

Well, this one is actually true. Thai food is never cooked in the oven. And that’s the reason why you won’t even find ovens in most Thai homes.

Summer_Roll_02 (2)

Summer Rolls | Spice Chelsea Corner

Fact no. 4: Olive Oil & Thai food aren’t the best combination.

False! According to chefs with vast experience in Thai food, olive oil does change the flavor of Thai dishes, but for the better, in the sense that it enhances the flavors and makes the dish tastier.

Son_In_Law_Eggs_02 (2)

Son In Law Eggs | Spice 108 Street

Fact no. 5: Thai desserts are delicious.

We believe this one’s TRUE in every cuisine around the globe, but especially when it comes to Thai desserts. We must admit they are unique and they taste like #heaven! Due to the fact that they are made of coconut cream, coconut flesh and rice flour, the taste is absolutely incredible!


Assorted Desserts | Spice Union Square

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