Immersion into cooking started young for Chef Kemis of Likkle More Jerk in DeKalb Market Hall. The traditional cuisine that he’s used to eating and cooking was something he was brought up with, right in his grandmother’s kitchen.

It was the upscale hotels of Montego Bay, Jamaica that kick started everything for him, it’s where he started his career. In 2001, he came to the US and has been working with French, Japanese and Contemporary American chefs since then. With his 20 years of experience behind him, he has established himself as a chef with a fusion of Caribbean flavors and classical cooking techniques.

Perhaps try the ever popular Jerkito Burrito! You have the option of adding chicken or fish for a flavor explosion! Trust us, we’ve tried.


Along with fellow owner Delroy Levy, Kemis opened this Caribbean “modern casual eatery” to Dekalb Market Hall that includes catering services with drop off food service, buffet set up and full staffed services including bartenders.

Stop by and give Likkle More Jerk a try for yourself! Had it before? Tell them about your experience on Facebook + Instagram, us too (Facebook | Instagram).


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