This Southern-style spot is a 30-year business like none other. Nestled into 23rd street, it’s owners Charles, Eric and Carolyn started out as models. With good food and service, there’s only one more thing: music. Rock & Roll blares through the speakers at Live Bait and the soundtracks haven’t changed in years. The owners are firm believers in never having to change it.

Stop by for a chance to try the crowd favorite shrimp & grits or fried catfish. Not in the mood for seafood? No worries, chicken and waffles is right on deck for you. 


Live Bait’s décor is described by Chef & Manager Donovan, as “old school tacky.” All of the décor comes from Eric’s family boathouse in Florida. All kinds of people end up at Live Bait, including some celebrities, and that’s what makes it great.

Stop by for happy hour from 4pm-7pm and oh, they’re open until 4am!

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