Seafood in the spring and summer is always the best. To be specific, lobster. New York City has some great locations to enjoy it, especially on National Lobster Day. If you had to pick one thing about eating lobster that was your favorite, what would it be?

If you haven’t had the chance to try a new lobster dish, Munch Ado is a great tool to use that will help you find something great. Are you down for a challenge? Here are some great dishes in different locations throughout Manhattan that will have you craving something new.

Lobster and Linguine, Il Melograno

Lobster and Linguine

Lobster Salad Sandwich, Duran Sandwiches

Lobster Salad Sandwich

Broiled Jumbo Nova Scotia Lobster, The Palm West

Broiled Jumbo Nova Scotia Lobster

So don’t go getting yourself burnt like a lobster.

Instead, just eat the lobster. Really there’s no argument about it. Share what you try on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat.

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