When you think of the sidewalks that belong to Manhattan’s bars, coffee shops and eateries, what do you immediately think of? It’s pretty much second nature to see chalkboards lining the streets of New York with mainly one common goal: to get you to walk inside or tell you a funny joke in a witty, trendy way.

Regardless of whether or not a restaurant is a Pokestop, you may be inclined to come in if their chalkboards look good enough. Let us take you on a tour and stop at some of Manhattan’s chalkboards in varying neighborhoods.

Briciola, Hell’s Kitchen

IMG_4267 (2)

El Azteca, Hell’s Kitchen

Lunch Specials (1)

Rice N Beans, Hell’s Kitchen
Lunch Specials

Rustico, East Village

Daily Specials (1)

Lionsbeerstore, East Village

Daily Specials

Stop into one of Manhattan’s most colorful places. You never know, you may find a new favorite just from looking at the specials chalkboard!

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