Weekends are known for relaxation, exploration, eating and fun, right? Yes, yes they are. While we completely cosign that thought, we figured it might be fun to give you a little nudge when it comes to exploring the island and finding some new favorites. Up for a challenge this weekend? We’ve laid one out for you that might take you to some new places you’ve never been.

Even if you’ve been to these neighborhoods before (some you may, some you may not) it’s worth giving them another visit. Not JUST for the food, but for the sights too, although food is our main priority. Check out these Pan Asian, French, Caribbean, Italian and Peruvian restaurants that will send you on a food trip around the world without leaving Manhattan.

Neighborhood 1: Chelsea, Restaurant: Shangri-La

The Gin Fizz Bubble and the Lamb Cigars are a great opportunity to try something new. After all, have you ever had boozy bubble tea?

Lamb Cigars (1)

Gin Fizz Bubble

Neighborhood 2: Upper East Side, Restaurant: Match 65

It’s like you went to Paris but you never left Manhattan. What could be better than French desserts, escargot and a perfect glass of wine? Not much.

Molten Chocolate Cake

Escargots Au Pastis

Neighborhood 3: Morningside Heights, Restaurant: Big Belly Roti Shop

Have you ever taken a trip to the Caribbean? We’re taking you there and you don’t even have to think twice about it.

Roti-Paratha-Bussupshot Jerk Wings

Neighborhood 4: Hell’s Kitchen, Restaurant: Briciola

Comforting. Italian. Wine bar. Need we say more?

Linguini Vongole (4)


Neighborhood 5: East Village, Restaurant: Mancora

The doughnuts here are a must have! Have you looked up at the décor?

Peruvian Doughnuts_Pianono (2) Decor 4 (2)

So you’ve visited all these spots and now you’re back home.

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