With the NFL season approaching, we’re thinking there’s no better companion than a guide about what you should eat while watching the game. Three dishes: different from one another, but perfectly appropriate for the occasion.


Chicken & Waffles | Atomic Wings

  1. Chicken and Waffles – Are you a Giants or a Jets fan? Who’s your favorite player between Odell Beckham Jr. and Lucky Whitehead? It doesn’t matter, regardless of team, you’ll love this classic dish. Did you know that it also originated from New York?

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Chicken Wings (1)

Chicken Wings | Spice Chelsea Corner

         2. Chicken Wings – From the Preseason all the way to the Super Bowl, there’s one dish that unites all NFL fans from all over the country. Chicken                  wings sit high on the list of foods that have a connection to Football. Fly all the way through the season and land on top of the Vince Lombardi                        Trophy.

Thai BBQ Seitan topped with Caramelized Onions- NS

Thai Ginger BBQ Seitan | Sacred Chow

         3. Something Different – Ok, so football food is not just about wings, pizza, burgers and the like. How about we show you something different?                      Let’s take a break from eating meat. I’m talking to all the vegan NFL fans here, but all you meat eaters can join in too. Do you know Theo Riddick of              the Detroit Lions or Bennie Fowler from the Denver Broncos? Both big guys, who made a name for themselves in the NFL. These successful athletes              said that veganism has helped them reach new heights in their careers. So not just meat can provide good, quality protein.

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