Did you know that sashimi translates to “pierced body?” Well, now you do. If that didn’t grab your attention (and your appetite) we’re not sure what else will. While we know that it may not be the end of your day yet, or the end of your week, we wanted to interrupt your regularly scheduled browsing/reading to show you some color.

What do we mean by this? Sashimi of course. Name one instance where you’ve looked at a platter of sashimi and didn’t say to yourself, “Well dang, this looks colorful and delicious.” If you were able to come up with one, we’re here to change that.

Here are a couple of locations in Manhattan that you simply must try sashimi from when you’re in the mood.

Rabu House, Kips BaySashimi

Sushi Ren, Upper East Side Sashimi Deluxe

Ushiwakamaru, ChelseaSushi & Sashimi Combo

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