The intensity and hustle bustle of Times Square can be as overwhelming as trying to make the train, especially if you’re a native New Yorker. As most know, unless your office is in Times Square, you tend to avoid it as there’s a little bit of everything going on in the area at all times of the night and day.

Enter, Paul’s On Times Square. It’s the place to go if you want a bit of Zen in the center of the busiest place in New York City: Times Square itself. Experience authentic Italian dining the way a native New Yorker would.

Getting there can be mistaken as tricky, but it’s actually pretty simple. The best part about this? It’s kind of hidden in the Hilton Garden Inn of Times Square, it just adds to the mystery. Once you’re there, it’s like you’ve known it was there all along.

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Always make sure, before entering, you take a look at the Happy Hour specials on the chalkboard outside. Just because Paul’s is inside of a hotel, doesn’t mean they don’t step up their Happy Hour game.

Aside from these specials though, you can be sure to find a plethora of different drinks on the menu like the Miracle on Times Square: Absolut Citron, Grey Goose Orange, Chambord, Grapefruit Juice, Club Soda and Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice. Not in the mood for something fruity? How about the Spiced Diablo?: Makers Mark, Peach Shnapps, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup and Tabasco Sauce.


Perhaps the most important part of the meal anatomy at Paul’s is the serving of the bread that you nosh on while you wait for your meal. The staff at Paul’s take it very seriously and always make sure the warming machine is in perfect condition, served up with the perfect olive oil dipping situation. Let us not forget the option to add cheese and red pepper.

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If you’re in the mood to bypass the bread, we wont judge you because chances are you’ll enjoy an appetizer like the bruschetta or buratta. It’s the perfect compliment to afterwards being served amazing linguini, carpaccio or duck confit pizza. Really, sky is the limit (Times Square feels like the perfect place to say this).




Don’t forget that if you’re sitting at home, or in the hotel in your room, and you don’t’ feel like leaving to come sit down at the restaurant, they deliver. That’s right, not only traditional delivery, but room service too. Whether it’s a burger you’re craving, a pasta dish, or pizza; you can get whatever you want, whenever you want it.


Decorated for fall and changing with the seasons, Paul’s on Times Square is always ready to greet you. So whether you meet them by coming into the restaurant, sitting on the patio, or by leaving a review on social media after you enjoy your delivered meal, you’ll always meet a friendly member of the Paul’s Team. That’s for sure.

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