Pancakes are a key player in the game of breakfast. Some may call them the real MVP. Really any size, shape, color or variety is normally a great pancake and unless they’re horribly burnt, they usually taste fantastic.

This does however beg the question: what is the perfect side for a short stack? Some may say bacon, some may say sausage. Some may say fruit, some may say hash browns. We wont judge anyone’s declarations of preference, but we will offer a few suggestions for some of the best sides and beverages that we think go perfectly with pancakes.


Eggs! How much more classic of a breakfast can you have than one with eggs and pancakes?


If you’ve having brunch on the weekend (or hey, during the week) a mimosa is always an option.


Hash browns/home fries. Just indulge in ALL of the carbs. Who cares?


Who could go wrong with a nice big bowl of fresh fruit either in, on top of or on the side of pancakes.


The perfect cup of coffee is a major key. Most things are better after you drink it, pancakes included.


Did we save the best for last? Thinking so. That bacon with the maple syrup. It’s all just: YES.

So Munchers, where is your favorite place to pick up some pancakes? Perhaps the griddles most important function, pancaking making, is a very crucial job. So whether you’re into all of these sides at once, or just into one tell us what you love most.

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