America has one of the best developed pizza segments in the entire world. Each year, 3 billion pizzas are sold in the US and 5 billion around the world. Roughly 90% of the American population eats pizza once a month and this translates into 32 billion in revenue. Conclusion? Pizza is one of the best meals and it’s sold everywhere.

Although pizza was introduced by Italian immigrants, it soon became part of the American culture and everybody coveted a slice of it, especially people who wanted to open a restaurant. Last year, there were over 65,000 pizza franchises in the country.

Tidbits about pizza

Pizza is a classic meal, it is easy to find and to eat. This meal is enjoyed by the young generation and also by people over 65 years old, families and vegetarians.

Where does pizza’s success come from? It’s versatility is the key: people love to customize their pizza, instead of ordering the classic ones. This is why pizza made it through the recession, it gives you the impression you make it yourself.

Pizza is everybody’s favorite meal because you can eat it at a fancy restaurant or a fast-food restaurant, you can go by a place and buy a slice, you can order it everywhere, from your office, to your house.

Pizza – Change People’s Mentality

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The first step is to launch a brand, a restaurant, with traditional Italian pizza. Make people come to your restaurant, sit down – instead of taking it home or eating it at work – and then offer them the possibility to order personalized pizza and to pick everything from the veggies, to the meat and the thin crust. What is more, give your customers the chance to see how the chef cooks their pizza.

To deliver this message to your customers you should use social media accounts, a professional website and a platform like Munch Ado. With the latter, your customers will have the ability to order in, make a reservation and read opinions about your brand.

Statistics show that if you want to target segments when it comes to pizza, you should start with the young generation and then women, because they are the ones making decisions for the entire family.

One slice at a time…

One important thing you must take into consideration is the fact that a lot of people don’t consider pizza fast food. So you are one step further if you take advantage of this and promote it like a healthy meal. Each day people want to eat healthier so make your pizza with natural ingredients and serve it in an airy environment.

The other thing you have to your advantage is the fact that people are starting to order pizza for breakfast more often. So this little detail opens another segment on the market.

But this doesn’t mean it is going to be an easier job. Besides giving the customer the opportunity to make his own pizza, you have to invent each day new „gourmet” recipes like: apple pizza, scrambled egg and bacon pizza and so on.

pizza-change-peoples-mentality (2)

How can you change people’s mentality?

  1. Cook your pizza in special and traditional ovens.
  2. Promote fresh vegetables and leaner proteins.
  3. Take advantage of fusion cuisine: pizza with Mexican or seafood and so on, make it fashionable.
  4. Also introduce sophisticated and exotic cheeses and sauces.
  5. Make it healthier and with as little calories as possible.
  6. Promote, promote, promote.


Source: statisticbrain, theweek Photo credit: picjumbo, pixabay

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