We get it. French fries are quite possibly one of the best plates of food you can receive at any time in your life. When you’re happy, when you’re sad. When you need comfort, to share with a friend. No matter the scenario, French fries are almost always delicious.

Also, think about the varieties of French fries that exist out there: with cheese, with gravy, with cheese and gravy, plain, with spices. It never ends basically. Like we said, we get it. There are a thousand reasons why you would and should love French fries.


There’s something we have to break to you: there is life outside of French fries for the potato, and it is a sweet, sweet life. Today, we’re bringing you a couple of different options for the consumption of the potato. When you break it down, there’s just one common theme: deliciousness.

Braised Beef Brisket With Potato, Hot KitchenBraised Beef Brisket w Potato

Potato, Beef, Cucumber Infused Vodka, Cloister CafePotato, Beet, Cucumber infused Vodka (2)

Samosa + Potato Platter, ChandniSamosa and Potato platter

Eggplant With Potatoes, Curry In A HurryEggplant with Potatoes

Try everything and let us know. Who doesn’t love a good potato induced nap?

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