From an early age, our eyes are used to seeing promotions everywhere: on the street, the subway, on buses and cabs, in the newspapers and in the pages of glossy magazines. Everybody promotes everything, everywhere, even on the internet.

In the last few years, online promotions have evolved, making it quite easy to promote your brand, services, products, and, what we’re here to talk about, your events. Because we know how hard it is to start something that should catch everybody’s attention, especially when there’s so much competition, The Munch Ado Crew is here to help.

We’ll walk you through some steps in order to understand the importance of online promotions and how to do it to bring people into your restaurant for a special gathering. When we’re done, you’ll need to make the first steps toward hiring a professional bodyguard to keep people from overcrowding…Sometimes, it’s good be confident.

The importance of promoting an event on social media

When we talk about online promotions for an event, we mean:

  • creating banners
  • talking to bloggers to promote the event
  • sending a press release to media people
  • emailing a newsletter to your loyal customers
  • posting details of the phenomenon on social media

Social media is an important key because you can reach a lot of people very fast and you can use different types of rich media (e.g. photos, interactive videos). It won’t ask too much of you, or your budget, but your social media manager should get creative with words and lovely pictures.

promote-events-online (2)

The first steps to hiring a bodyguard

After you have developed every little detail of your offline event, it’s time to plan your social media strategy. This means your social media manager should cover all platforms from Facebook and Twitter, to Instagram and Pinterest and you shouldn’t stop here, LinkedIn, Google +, Foursquare, YouTube or Vimeo are next.

Before we begin with each platform, if you have some funding for promoting these events, you should consider ads on Google and Facebook. But, when it comes to Facebook, you should think of promoting your party by first creating an event where you invite all your friends, all your team’s friends and your “likers”.

  1. To promote events online you should begin your Facebook campaign at least a week in advance and then post the event’s details on your page every day. Next, you can even develop a contest where people can participate and they will win a double invite at your event or other prizes. This can be done on every social media page.
  2. For Twitter and Instagram, hashtags (#) are important. If you are doing a single event promote it with a simple tagline and a specific hashtag. If this is not the case, you are developing a series of events, think of a general hashtag which people will associate you with your events from now on. Don’t forget to ask people to share your tweet or repost the promotional picture.
  3. For Pinterest you can create a board with a catchy title, where you will post every day until “due date” some facts about the party and about your location. For LinkedIn keep your message professional and when it comes to YouTube create a funny video inviting people to your social media pages to find out more.

A video teaser, content on blogs, media coverage, event pages on platforms and constant social media activity a week in advanced are keys to success when it comes to bringing people into your restaurant for a specific event.

By doing these little things you will prepare everybody for the event and if you are thinking of doing a series, post live pictures when everything takes place. While doing this, you are actually starting to promote your next “affair”.


Photo credit: pixabay

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