If your restaurant’s target are families, or if you have promotions for them a few days a week, then you should make your place „family-friendly”. If you don’t know how to do this, there’s good news, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

When we’re done you’ll understand better this target and you will know what to do to bring people into your restaurant. Let’s discover together how to promote a family-friendly restaurant.

Your target is young couples with kids; this means you should consider how hard it is for them to get organized in order to go out. If you want to help, you must make their choice easier. How can you do this? It’s quite easy.

Before you plan to make your restaurant family-friendly, you must think what you or maybe your friends with children really want when going out to eat. Families are an interesting target and they all want:

  • healthy and creative food for couples and children
  • lovely and colorful decorations
  • airy environment
  • chill out music
  • staff who understand the meaning of patience

How to decorate your restaurant

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Decorating your restaurant for families isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. First of all, you should have a lot of wood and leather – things that won’t get dirty, ruined or which breaks easily. Then, everything should be colorful.

After, one important offering is taller chairs for babies and young children. But avoid having dangerous distractions for kids, like wine glasses or flower vases. After all, toddlers are known to throw fits.

Next, if you want to help parents, you should take into consideration installing a ramp at the door and making your space open in case they come with strollers. One more thing you might want to add to your restaurant is a special place in the bathrooms where parents can change their children. And always make sure the facilities are clean.

Last, but definitely not least, your staff should also be ready to deal with unruly children in a pleasant, professional, and clam manner. Families want to have a great meal and a fun experience. Therefore, a trained staff is the key to making everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

What distractions to use with children

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Some family-friendly restaurants have special menus for kids. This is perfect because portions are smaller and everything must come with a surprise: a dessert or an exotic fruit decorated in a way that attracts attention.

Although you don’t want unnecessary distractions for kids, you should organize a few activities per week for them, like painting, cooking, decorating or just playing around. Also, you could offer your services in case a family wants to throw a kid’s party at your place. If this is the case, make the party something special. Think outside the box. Bring clowns, little animals or even a band.

One idea you want to think of is bringing each table paper and crayons for children to draw with while they wait for their meals. This way you will give parents some timeout. Some restaurants offer balloons or bibs children can draw on. These come with the added benefit of keeping their clothes clean. Others write the name of the children on their menus and even meals (e.g. you can offer a cupcake with the child’s name or the first letter of the name).

There are a lot of things you can do and if you create a strong bond between your restaurant and families, they will help you brainstorm ideas for new distractions for children. But one important step is to know how to promote everything.

How to promote your restaurant

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When it comes to promotions, social media is a major key to success. That is because 70% of parents learn about new things online. Find out who are the mommies blogging in your town and invite them to your place.

Get your restaurant known in this niche and try to get as many partners as possible: museums, book stores, clothes stores and these are just a few ideas. With their help you can make special offers and contests.

In the end, you should think of promoting your family-friendly restaurant as an area where parents can meet to talk about their children, while bringing and letting them play in a special corner with games and safe toys.

Something to chew on

56% of customers have families and 75% of parents take into consideration their kids opinion regarding the place where they should eat. Therefore, target the children with fun things, while convincing parents your restaurant is a safe place with healthy food.

Target older kids too. Don’t make it all about the young ones if you want a happy family as a regular customer.

You are now ready to bring into your restaurant families with children.


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