Sushi is one of the most popular dishes in the entire world and most associate it with Japan. Only true connoisseurs know the history of this dish by heart. Curious already? Let’s get started.

First things first, sushi is thought to have first appeared during the 2nd century A.D., when the Japanese were looking for a better way to keep meat fresh and tasty without refrigerating it. They discovered that rice had the property to preserve freshness, so they started wrapping fish and meat in it, and kept everything in a cool place. It was only centuries later, in the 1820s, that the Japanese decided to include raw fish in their cooking.

Over time though, many myths and misconceptions on sushi emerged, so here are four of the most popular ones:

1. Raw Fish, That’s All You Need To Create Sushi

Probably the most common misconception that exists on sushi is that it only contains raw fish. This one comes to fruition by people who have never tasted sushi. The truth is, rice is as important as the other ingredients needed when making sushi. Believe it or not, it’s a very delicate art to obtaining the perfect sushi rice, which is a balanced combination of cooked rice, vinegar or red wine, sugar and salt.

Sushi & Sashimi Combo 05

Sushi & Sashimi Combo, Nomado 33

2. Sushi Is Best Paired With Sake

Whether you are visiting Japan or a Japanese restaurant in NYC, you are probably looking for that authentic Japanese taste of their most popular dish, as well as their traditional and most popular drink, sake. While there is no rule that prohibits you to pair the two together, you will not see Japanese people combining sushi with sake for one very simple reason: both of them are made with rice.

OMG Roll

OMG Roll, Nomado 33

3. Only Men Can Be Sushi Chefs

There’s this myth that has been around for decades that women can’t be sushi chefs. It was thought that women’s hands were too warm for them to handle and cook the delicate and pretentious sushi rice. However, this is just a myth and it’s actually biologically incorrect. Centuries ago, being a chef wasn’t among the occupations that women had. Today, there are many female sushi chefs and they are among the best ones!

Sweetheart Roll

Sweetheart Rolls, Nomado 33

4. Always Use Chopsticks With Sushi

Chopsticks can give anyone a real headache, especially those using them for the first time. However, it’s only a myth that you must use chopsticks whenever you eat sushi. If the struggle of using these tools persists even after the first few minutes, it’s advisable you switch to other more easy to use tools or even your hands, whatever’s best for you.

Godzilla Roll 01

Godzilla Rolls, Nomado 33

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