At a time when it seems we are increasingly moving away from the healthy way of life, if we go back in history, we notice our ancestors used natural foods without eating over meat.

For the Romans, dinner was the main meal of the day. Breakfast and lunch were of little importance, both being light and fast meals. Dinner, whether simple or elaborate, consist of at least three kinds: gustatio or aperitifs, primae mensae or main course and finally secundae mensae- the dessert.

The base of the Roman diet was made by vegetables such as cabbage, onion, garlic, pumpkin or cucumber. Sheep meat was a common food for “peasants,” unlike the roman aristocracy that preferred lamb and pork; also, cheese spiced with different herbs and fruits like grapes or figs- common on roman tables. Romans were great olive eaters and used to prepare the now days famous olive oil.

But the big culinary passion of Ancient Rome was fish and seafood, like tuna or oysters.

Here are some suggestions for how the Romans influenced the gastronomy today:

Plato De Quesos-alcala

Plato de queso – Alcala Restaurant

Riverside Salad with shrimp-manhattan

Riverside Salad with Shrimp – Manhattan Brew and Vine

TunaTarTar-la cerveseria

Tuna Tar Tar – La Cerveceria

Cashew_Nut_02 (7)

Cashew Nut – Spice Cobble Hill

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