If you’re not in total touch with all things food, we’ve got your back. The reason we say this is because we just want to make sure that you know that August is National Sandwich Month (coming up very soon), aka: a very important holiday. No matter what your dining habits are, there’s a way to celebrate and that’s what makes the holiday worth it.

We wanted to put some options out there on the table for you, so here they are.

Tuna Sandwich, RusticoTuna Sandwich

Sorrento Sandwich, La PanineriaSorrento Sandwich (1)

Salmon Sandwich, Duran SandwichesSalmon Sandwich

Turkey Sandwich, The Country CafeTurkey Sandwich

Cuban Sandwich, The Best of N.Y. DeliCuban sandwich

So whether you call “bread meat bread meat bread” and “double decker” or a “triple decker” we can still love sandwiches together. It’s all in good fun.

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