If you ask any nutritionist, they will tell you that seafood contains many nutrients that the human body needs. Aside from just being delicious, the health reasons for consuming seafood are enough to have you trying as many of these dishes as possible, all while finding new and improved ways to include different fish into your diet.

Boosts Brainpower. Eating seafood that contains Omega-3 fatty acids helps improve your memory and may lower the risk of developing certain diseases.

Improves Immune Function. Regular consumption of seafood brings important benefits to the immune system, helping to prevent colds and premature aging, AND having an anti-inflammatory effect.

Provides a Different Option to Normal Protein. Seafood is just absolutely delicious! Sometimes eating healthy can be bland, but with seafood you have so much savor that being healthy is just a big, big plus. Give yourself the opportunity to explore fish and seafood as a protein.

Start trying more seafood. Here are a couple of dishes that we know will make it really easy to love:

Trio del Mar-alcala
Trio del Mar | Alcala Restaurant
Lobster and Linguine 1
Lobster & Linguine | Il Melograno
Salmon | Spice Union Square

What seafood dishes are some of your favorites? Share with us in the comments below and on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest.

Source: http://bit.ly/2xAKdkp.

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