Have you ever been in a situation where you have to share a holiday picture with all your friends, thus “promoting” what you have been up to lately? Mailing it is quite impossible if you have hundreds of buddies, emailing it to everybody might be considered a spam, this is why social media is a must in this day and age: you upload it online and then you wait.

If you don’t have an account on websites like Facebook yet, you should assure your brand’s name (go online and create the page now), even if you don’t start posting things immediately. A lot of brands find it difficult to have a page with their name, because somebody already took it.

In order to help you start the marketing campaign, Munch Ado Crew came up with a few promotion ideas, which can be done on every platform: like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but especially on Facebook and Pinterest.

Sometimes, posting stuff is not enough, so don’t forget to engage with your users: answer their questions, ask them what they want from you (do they want tips on how to cook, or how to stay healthy) and, in return, like things on their pages.

One more thing you should consider doing, is posting in the “about” section on every page you own what will the user find there: recipes, menu, promotions, interviews and these are just a few ideas. And if you hire a special team to take care of your social media accounts, they can do wonders in no time and you will be stress free.

social-media-campaigns-II (2)

Social Media Campaigns II

  • Idea #1

Facebook gives you the possibility to create apps in order to promote your brand. It even lets you develop quizzes (fan-gated, the user has to like your page) which will keep your fans active and make it possible to gather new ones.

When you have the special quiz created for you by the team you’ve hired, don’t forget to share it every day on your brand’s page wall. This way, your fans can see it every day on their News Feed.

  • Idea #2

Make people share as much as possible is one of the keys to success.

A lot of Facebook campaigns work like this: you ask your users to post their favorite meal and see how many likes each picture gets in a week.

Then, what can you do is: who gets most likes will have the opportunity to learn how to cook that meal and to eat it for free four times in a month.

  • Idea #3

If you want a contest available for a longer period of time you should make a little digital “timeline scavenger hunt”. If you already have a lot of fans, this is the perfect idea for you in order to keep them engaged and make it a fun experience.

This means you should come up with a really big prize (something substantial, or something fun – if you know your fans will appreciate: a meal named after them).

If Easter is around the corner, so much better, but this contest can be done if you want to celebrate your brand’s anniversary too. Make a hunt with details from old posts: ask questions and make the user find the answer in these old posts – it works better if the old posts are actually pictures.

We hope these ideas help and that you’ll work on them until next time.


Photo credit: lifeofpix, unsplash

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